new plymouth's beef and deli specialists

new plymouth's beef and deli specialists

You can already buy direct. But why don't you drop in and see us?

We’d love for you to come and visit our HQ in New Plymouth.  Our Butchery is open Monday-Friday.  Come in and check out our fridge bursting full of our beef cuts.  Plus, we’ve got everything you need to go with your beef – spices, rubs and sauces.

Attached to our beef processing plant, catch us during the week and you’re welcome to take a quick tour to see the magic happen. 

What's inside

In the Fridge

Steak: Angus Eye Fillet, Angus Scotch Fillet, Angus Sirloin, Angus Rump

Roasts: Angus Topide Roast, Angus Bolar Roast

Slow Cooking: Angus Blade Steak, Angus Topside Steak, Angus Shin Beef, Angus X-Cut Blade, Angus Diced Beef

Mince: Angus Premium Beef Mince, Angus Meatballs, Angus Convenimince

BBQ/Smoking: Angus Skirt Steak, Angus Brisket, Angus Tri Tip

Patties: Angus Beef Patties

Frying: Angus Stirfry, Angus Schnitzel

Sausages: Angus Beef Sausages, Angus Beef Sausages (GF), Angus Beef, Merlot & Pepper Sausages (GF), Angus Beef with Chilli (GF)

Bones: Angus Soup Bones, Angus Dog Bones

On the Shelf

Sauce: Alderson's Morepork Smoky BBQ Sauce, Culley's Sriracha Hot Sauce, Culley's Applewood BBQ Hot Sauce, Alderson's Kawa Kawa Salsa Verde, Culley's Taco n Burrito Hot Sauce, Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce, Culley's Chipotle Hot Sauce, Culley's American Hickory Hot Sauce

Salts/Rubs: Red Spice, Alexandra's Butcher's Salt, Raptop Rubs Tex Mex Steak Rub

Stocks/Flavour Bases: Hammer Head Go Gourmet Thailand, Hammer Head Go Gourmet Corned Beef, Simon Gault Beef Stock Concentrate

Relishes: The Damson Collection Damson Relish, Jenny's Kitchen Tamarind Chutney (Hot)

Dressings: Eddy's Salad Dressing

Cooking Oils: Harvest Coconut Oil, Village Press Olive Oil

Treats: Bonnie Oat Crackers, Alderson's Pickled Spears, Te Mata Fig Preserve

Cooking Utensils: Meat Thermometer 


58 Katere Road
New Plymouth 4372

Opening Hours

Open Monday - Friday
8.00am - 4.00pm
For order pick ups call 0800 632 333 or email in advance


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