Our Story

Our Journey

The Carey family founded Green Meadows Beef in October 2012 with the dream to take the grass-fed Angus beef we farmed straight into the mouths of families New Zealand wide. We wanted to answer some of the tougher questions consumers are facing today:

  1. where does our food come from?
  2. who grows these products?
  3. are the animals cared for?

Our 420 acre (170 ha) farm is located south of Opunake in Coastal Taranaki, a stone’s throw from the popular Green Meadows surf break. Underneath Mount Taranaki and beside the Taungatara Stream, this is the perfect environment for our animals to eat grass pasture and grow naturally.  Our animals graze on cool climate grass. This gives our meat outstanding flavour, colour and texture. Plus the cattle live a happy life out in the open eating grass and grass supplements (silage and hay) grown only on our farm.

As well as the farm, Green Meadows Beef’s manufacturing plant in New Plymouth handles over two tonnes’ of beef per week. Here, the beef from the Carey family farm is sliced, diced and minced and sent by chiller truck direct to stores, or by overnight courier direct to your door. We also contract manufacture and pack for other producers.

Key Steps

  • October 2012: greenmeadowsbeef.co.nz is launched and our first beef boxes are delivered to customers nationwide
  • March 2013: Our custom manufacturing plant opens in New Plymouth
  • April 2013: The first retail stockists join us in our journey
  • November 2015: The Butchery store opens at our manufacturing plant in New Plymouth
  • September 2016: Green Meadows Beef WINS the Deloitte Fast 50 Wellington and Lower North Island Fastest Growing Agriculture Business award.
  • October 2016: The new greenmeadowsbeef.co.nz website is launched
  • November 2016: Celebrity chef Michael Van de Elzen joins the team
  • April 2017: Angus Beef & Beetroot Burger launches, our first 'Good From Scratch' product
  • August 2017: Our sales and administration office is set up in New Plymouth
  • September 2017: Our 'Good From Scratch' Angus Beef & Beetroot range announced as finalist in the Artisan Food Producer category at the NZ Food Awards.
  • October 2019: Our 'Good From Scratch' Angus Beef & Kumara and Angus Beef & Turmeric range launches.
Our Story

our team


Co-Founder / General Manager

Since quitting his day job to jump onboard, Nick has been responsible for the day-to-day running of Green Meadows Beef. You'll find him at trade shows, doing supermarket cooking demonstrations or sometimes working in The Butchery. When he isn't at work, Nick is a group fitness instructor.

Joe / Michael

Co-Founder / Farmer / Knife Hand

Joe handles the farming operation to ensure that the beef is top notch. He is also 'in training' on the knife and helps out the butchers with small goods production. He enjoys riding his bike and anything to do with rugby.


Co-Founder / Meat Packer

Margy is the glue that holds our trade show and packing team together. She also makes the best caramel slice. When she isn't running the vacuum packer, she is a force to be reckoned with on the bowling green.


Operation Manager

Gavin is responsible for all aspects of the purchasing and production journey. He ensures the team are getting your order to your door. Gavin comes to us from a freight background which is particularly helpful sending product all over the country. When he isn't at his desk, you'll likely find him in the surf.



Pat was mad enough to jump onboard with us from day one. Pat has over thirty years experience in home kill and retail butchery. When not at work, you'll find Pat glued to whatever sport he can find.



Terry has a wide range of experience from manufacturing plants to supermarkets. He is our on call 'Mr Fix It' and is always the first one to get a handle on new machinery. When he's not at work, you'll find Terry under the bonnet working on his car or testing out his building skills.



Leanne came to us after years of meat packing experience in the supermarket industry. She is also our on site qualified First Aider.  When not at work, you'll find Leanne off the grid hunting in the bush.


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