Green MEadows Beef Box

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To redeem your voucher for a Green Meadows Beef Box, please enter your unique code below, found on the front of your redemption form.

Once you have successfully redeemed your voucher, you will receive an automated e-mail confirming your redemption.  We will then be in touch to confirm the date it will be delivered.

Delivery of the meat pack will be within 30 days of redemption. To view the delivery terms and conditions, click here.

Please note: if your address is classed as a rural address by NZ Couriers, we are unable to deliver to your door and the box will need to be delivered to an urban address or collected from the nearest NZ Couriers agent.

To check whether your address is rural, click this link: 

If your address is rural, please click this link to find the nearest NZ Couriers depot or agent and include this as your delivery address on the next screen.

If you have any queries, please phone us on 0800 632 333 or e-mail us at

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