Savour the full and balanced flavour of 100% grass-fed Green Meadows Beef

We're lucky here in our pristine Taranaki sanctuary and so are our Angus Steers. They eat the most luscious grass grown in rich volcanic soil, lightly salted by the nearby Tasman Sea, and drink the purest potable mountain water from a local community water scheme.
Not only does this keep the cattle happy, hydrated and well nourished, it also contributes to the superior taste and texture of our meat, which is becoming well known across the world in countries we export to, including Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Our product has repeatedly ranked top in blind tests with business owners, chefs and butchers, among others, internationally. We attribute this to the passion, care and environment we provide our steers, as well as the ability (and decision) to feed our steers a diet that's 100% grass and hay (silage) grown exclusively on the family farm. 
Not only is a grass diet best for cattle because is what they naturally eat, but grass fed beef is known to provide superior nutritional benefits for us. With a healthier omega 3:6 ratio, higher levels of vitamins A & E, higher in healthier fats and an overall favourable fat profile than grain feed beef, it's much better for you and has an unbeatable flavour and texture!.

Savour the full and balanced flavour and nutrition of Green Meadows Beef. Savour the good life.

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